Natural Rapport



The Only EQUINE WASH Horses Need

You can lead a horse to water, but what next? We made it easier for you with a complete 5-in-1 treatment that cleans, detangles, conditions, moisturizes and deodorizes your horse’s mane, tail, & skin without excessive scrubbing. While there are other Horse Shampoos out there, what truly makes our Equine Wash different is this: we use nature to clean nature with a formulation that is 98.25% derived from natural & plant based ingredients. And hey, it turns out it’s superb for skin too— yours AND your horse’s. So go ahead, climb on that clean & shiny high horse and unleash that mane to the will of the wind. Gentle. Effective. Safe.



It’s not all whiskers & wagging tails. We know that new pets, aging ones, and all stages between can get messy. Fear not! Our hero doesn’t wear a mask, nor do any masking of any sort. Instead, our Pet Stain & Odor Remover uses enzymes to completely eliminate odors and any organic offenders (a nice way of saying blood, urine, feces and vomit) that get in its way.  We know there are a lot of Pet Cleaners out there but what truly makes our Pet Stain & Odor Remover different is this: when nature calls we summon grime & odor lovin’ bacteria to get the job done— saving rugs, floors, grout, and even sofas from offensive smells & stains. That means no harsh chemicals near your pets, kids or pet-kids. Not all heroes wear capes, but if they did, they would clean it with this stuff! White carpet tested; red carpet approved.



Is it safer for my kids? For paws? For my vehicle? For my lawn? If it gets tracked into the house? For my carpets? For my life? Whoa, whoa, no need to have a meltdown; we will do that work for you! Not only does our Ice Melt do the job faster, safer and with a strong endorsement from Mother Nature herself, but what truly makes our Pet-Safe Ice Melt different is this: our proprietary organic technology, ProtectRx, reduces corrosion rates by up to 75% compared to regular ice melters, making it safer for your vehicles, equipment and other surfaces — and just to shake it up a bit, we added soil supporting compounds that are biodegradable to help keep your plants as green as our mission.